Rooted in a long-standing fascination with the relationship between late American composer Earl Zindars and legendary Jazz pianist Bill Evans, “To New Life – The Music of Earl Zindars” is Italian pianist and composer Luciano Troja’s latest solo album, the culmination of a deeply personal and musically exploratory journey that began well over a decade ago. Troja’s solo debut album, “At Home with Zindars”, released in 2010 and recorded between 2005 and 2009, was the first result of his sensitive investigation into this relationship, with the support of the Zindars family. The album received critical acclaim from industry publications such as Stereophile (“Record To Die For”), and Cadence Magazine (“Best of Year”). This new solo album of the Sicilian pianist and composer, “To New Life”, is a new chapter in Troja’s exploration of Zindars’ music and its influence on Bill Evans, building upon the groundwork laid by his previous album. The album takes its title from Zindars’ poem ‘To New Life’ – whose original handwriting is reproduced in the album artwork courtesy of the composer’s family – and is structured into two mutually responsive and interrelated parts, each exploring different aspects of Zindars’ musical legacy. In “To New Life – The music of Earl Zindars”, Troja explores new musical terrain while remaining true to the spirit of the original music, resulting in a sophisticated and bravely delicate balance, thus following the very path traced by Zindars and Evans with their friendship and musical connection. “To New Life – The Music of Earl Zindars” is a labour of love that embodies a thought process as much melodic and nuanced as it is rigorous, highlighting the importance of exramusical components, such as friendship, to create a personal perspective on musical expression and experience, and focusing on the intimate component of music as fundamental and radical in the making of music.

released April 16, 2023

PRODUCED BY Valentina Prudente and Luciano Troja PRODUCERS: Gianluca Cangemi & Luca Rinaudo