(Slam Productions - UK, 2012)


"With interactive familiarity engendered by time, the three easily enmesh unique textures and timbres into a satisfying whole".
--Ken Waxman, The New York City Jazz Record, Jan.2013

"This trio combines forces with solid results...There is a playful and somewhat melodic quality to this even though it is fully improvised. A rarity for most free music"
--Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

" the bridge between the U.S. and Italy launched allows communications from the amazing content...all now well metabolized and again into a coherent form...this new route is surprising and can operate only thanks to the experience of the three".
Vittorio Lo Conte, MusicZoom

"Fine chemistry between all three...Recommended"
Francois Couture, Mounsier Delire

"A long game of improvisations to listen all in one breath"
--Leonardo Lodato, JazzColours


Luciano Troja

At Home With Zindars
(© Luciano Troja, 2010)

“…16 jewels strung together into a luminous arc of meditation”
Thomas Conrad, Stereophile - USA

“Critic’s Choice: Top Ten New Issues of 2010”
Cadence Magazine

“The 10 Best New Songs of the Year 2010”
"Earl And Bill" Luciano Troja, from "At Home With Zindars"
Ken Franckling’s Jazz Notes

“Questo è un meraviglioso tributo- Una delizia per le orecchie e per gli occhi.”

Earl Zindars Official Website - www.zindars.com

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"Troja ha l'intelligenza di non suonare alla lettera nè Zindars nè Evans: piuttosto ci gira intorno, illumina quella musica dal suo punto di vista e ci invita a scoprire la singolarità e la bellezza di questa musica"
Stefano Zenni, Il Giornale Della Musica

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““It is one of the better new piano CDs I have heard in a while.There are still many great up-and-coming artists emerging, but far fewer poets. Here is a chance to discover one.”
Maxwell Chandler,
Jazz Police, USA

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"Luciano's solo work is touching and deeply moving" CD Discovery of the Week”.

Marc Myers, JazzWax.com - USA

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“A perfect tribute to Earl Zindars”
Scott Yanow,
Los Angeles Jazz Scene, USA

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A CD to savor for many reasons“
Ken Franckling, Ken Franckling’s Jazz Notes.- USA

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"This is a loving project… listeners who know the Evans’ versions will admire Troja’s careful, tender lyricism, his delicate way with a melody, his harmonic variety, the sound he gets from the piano”.
Michael Steinman, CADENCE - USA

“An unexpected treasure trove of new musical delights”
Brad Walseth, JazzChicago.net, USA

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“Un disco exquisito… una de las voces pianísticas más originales e interesantes surgidas en los últimos años.” .

Marcelo Morales, El Intruso, Magazine De Otra Musica

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“A very beautiful gift for piano aficionados and for all those who love elegant music”
Roberta E. Zlokower,
Roberta On The Arts, USA

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"Non è solo un disco di jazz. E' un disco di musica pianistica nel senso più ampio del termine. Vi troviamo tutti gli ingredienti della grande musica per piano solo."
Rossella Del Grande, Jazzitalia

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“A marvelous performance..Troja's tribute to Zindars is not only relaxing and charming but intellectually challenging.”

Edward Blanco, Ejazznews, USA

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Un tributo reso con umiltà e onestà….Troja suona le proprie sensazioni attraverso la musica di Zindars.”.
Antonio Terzo,

"Il CD è sontuoso. Di un bello apollineo nell’equilibrio, nella forma delle improvvisazioni, nella misura, nella luminosità del tocco."
Alfredo Restuccia, Nuovo Soldo.it

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"This is an important achievement and a treat for fans of the genial, evocative style that Zindars - and Troja- so successfully mine”
Alan Young,
Lucid Culture , USA

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“Dichiarazione d'amore quanto opera d'ingegno artistico”
Francesco Martinelli, Jazzitalia

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“Anyone who likes the piano for all the right reasons will have a friend in this one”
George Harris, The Jazz Messenger - USA

" Un bellissimo album. ...un progetto degno di questo nome"

Gerlando Gatto, A proposito di Jazz

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"Un disco di valenza sia documentale che artistica”
Amedeo Furfaro, Il Corriere del Sud

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“A solid, ambitious work”
Midwest Records, USA

“Beautifully placed and reflective“
Oscar Broomes, O’s Place- USA

“Sono molti i pregi musicali e culturali di questo accurato lavoro” 4 Stelle
Neri Pollastri, All About Jazz Italia

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“Se ei ole pelkästään jazzlevy, vaan siinä on mukana rehevällä tavalla koko pianonsoiton kirjo hienostuneesti laajimmillaan.”
Jouko Kirstilä, Jazzrytmit- Finlandia

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“An extraordinary labor of love… Troja is the perfect musician to take us on this journey”.
Don Netsky, Rochester City Newspaper - USA

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Luciano Troja- Giancarlo Mazzù

Seven Tales About Standards Vol.2
(Splasc(H) Records, 2009)

"Best Albums Of 2009"

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“A work of rare elegance and intelligence, and dialogic fineness. A continuous pleasure for ears and mind.
Four Stars ****
Neri Pollastri, ALL ABOUT JAZZ- Italy

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"This CD duet should be required listening for improvisers of all persuasions"
Michael Steinman, CADENCE - USA

"The whole is immersed in a sort of poetic chastity, and the spirit of the theme is never forced "
Giuseppe Piacentino, MUSICA JAZZ , 2009

“The musical result is enchanting and mesmerizing, making this recording a must-hear-again selection of favorite melodies”.
Dr.Roberta Zlokower,
Roberta On The Arts, USA

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“The formula is winning: very close to a famous meeting between Jim Hall and Michel Petrucciani, with the complicity of Wayne Shorter, the legendary "Power of Three"...but it is the approach towards the standards that is very particular rich in imagination, verve, joy of playing, to compare these light American songs with the training of musicians, with their diversified experience in classical for Mazzù and jazz for Troja. And here they are then still bring out something new, of unheard, from these useful canvas”
Vincenzo Fugaldi,

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“Two extraordinary musicians ...an “Autumn Leaves” that says something very new! “All The Things You Are” colossal version!... Troja and Mazzù both have approached the standards, which for most of people are untouchable and immaculate, with a surprisingly attractive and exquisite combination of respect and irony”
Marcelo Morales,
EL INTRUSO Magazine De Otra Musica, Argentina

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Luciano Troja and Giancarlo Mazzù In Concert at the “Metropolitan Room” – New York, April, 15, 2009

“Mazzù and Troja have engineered a new concept in the performance of standards. The sold-out crowd was enchanted, sipping wine and cheese, and giving accolades at the end of each song.”
Dr.Roberta E.Zlokower,
Roberta On The Arts, USA

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"Those who have attended the concert by Luciano Troja and Giancarlo Mazzù, last Wednesday at the Metropolitan Room in Manhattan, heard real jazz, American jazz for instance, but in a melodic key."
Donatella Mulvoni,
Oggi7/America Oggi, USA

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Luciano Troja, Giancarlo Mazzù, Carmelo Coglitore, Carlo Nicita
(Splasc(H) Records, 2008)

"Mannahatta is a very original work, as are always the works of these great musicians. Perhaps most popular in the States that in our country. As often happens to those who have quality in Italy”

*** Four stars

Neri Pollastri,

“Mahanada knows what he wants and what he does. Acute, free and unbiased…Mannahatta, apart from being transformed into Manhattan, to be recognized for their buildings, the heavy population density, for a movie and a formidable Walt Whitman text, now has another tribute: an amazing album, made with uncommon freedoms. Music and other.”
Marcelo Morales,
El INTRUSO Magazine De Otra Musica, Argentina

“Mahanada express themselves freely through traditional music "down town streets", "broadway" and Italian folklore in a multicultural melting-pot of great originality”
Tobias Boecker,
Jazz Podium, Germany

"Musicians and composers used to live very well the heritage of ethnic music with improvisation. ... many inputs in the album of the Mahanada Quartet. A very varied album from where comes off very well the great compositional variety of the Quartet" "Battiti", RAI, RADIOTRE

“The band's textures are fresh, generally with a strong melodic bent, seasoned by Mazzu's prepared guitar. The focus often shifts unexpectedly from player to player, with a number of solo and duet passages sprinkled through the tracks. … an expecially adventuresome and engaging set of free improv with a distinctive and almost programmatic focus. “
Stuart Kremsky,


Luciano Troja- Giancarlo Mazzù
Seven Tales About Standards
(Splasc(H) Records, 2006)

“The approach of Troja and Mazzù with the standards is a delight…like a third stream reworked of Undercurrent…imaging Herb Hellis duetting with George Russell”.
Nate Dorward

“ ENCUESTA 2006: Los 10 Favoritos CD’s.”
Marcelo Morales, EL INTRUSO, Magazine De Otra Musica, Argentina

"No se trata de dos virtuosos en tren de demostrar lo que pueden tocar. Se conocen, se complementan, se divierten...icomo yo! Impactante version!"
Marcelo Morales, EL INTRUSO, Magazine De Otra Musica, Argentina

"Troja and Mazzù have masterfully designed one-of-a-kind interpretations of popular standards."
Dr.Roberta E. Zlokower, Roberta On The Arts.com, USA

"Mazzù throws in a bit of ragtime or Spanish guitar now and then, but he never clashes with Troja's jazz stylings. Despite having just two players, this CD is sometimes relaxed and sometimes fast paced. It is an interesting recording worth checking out"
Dave Howell,
RAMBLES, A Cultural Arts Magazine, USA

"Seven Tales About Standards" leaves no space for ambiguity as to content. Seven well-known standards, in fact, addressed in a dense dialogue, based on the continuous exchange of roles (accompanying, soloism) and an empathy able to work on rhythms and melodies with elegance, in a flowing sound that laid bare the creative process”
Enrico Vita,

"A delightful CD of Jazz, to suggest to devotees of dialogues, of the great meetings, of the refined harmonies but overwhelming"
Donato Zoppo,

"The two musicians are to acclaim for precision, passion, and knowledge… all tracks are appreciated, as the final flight of" Take The A Train "(with sudden half-time, bluesy moments, and the final that calls' the Ellingtonian “intro”), which shows all the technical skills of the two musicians "
Giorgio Coppola,



Luciano Troja, Giancarlo Mazzù, Carmelo Coglitore, Carlo Nicita
Taranta’s Circles
(Splasc(H) Records, 2005)


“Recordings like this capture what is really special about Italian Jazz.
When musicians are no longer mimicking American Jazz, but replacing the African American roots of our music with their own folk tradition, they create (as Django did in the ‘30s) something new and fresh, but that clearly remains Jazz.
For those with open ears, “Taranta’s Circles” is worth seeking out”.
Phillip McNally


“…the 4tet creates unexpected and amazing situations, placing side by side to the rhythms and the popular songs to sounds” others … allowing some one various understanding, now simply reading them with another code… One of the more interesting group of “contaminated music” of Italy” 4 STARS
Neri Pollastri,

“…listening the CD Taranta’s Circles, an amazing mixture of acoustic-ethnic-electrical jazz intuitions is clear to understand that they (Mahanada) fly high…”
Antonio Lodetti,

“…the interest remains always intact for all the CD, with clearly sublime moments, as well as from it makes to ask me “… but from how much time it appeals to the ” tarantella” to me?”
Marcelo Morales,
EL INTRUSO Magazine de Otra Musica, Argentina

“This is a fascinating and absorbing CD, which should appeal to listeners of jazz, folk and world music, or anyone looking to hear something different and imaginative”.
Dave Howell,

“The Mahanada Quartet has surprised all the the audience with the sounds like Oregon, but “into the Mediterranean”. The orchestration of the ensemble is similar to the American band, but with some instruments of South of the Italy. Amazing the mix between calabrian and Sicilian dances with contemporary improvised music.
Biagio Coscia,



Luciano Troja, Giancarlo Mazzù, Carmelo Coglitore, Carlo Nicita
Ethnoworld, 2004

“Mahanada, or a free fusion and spontaneous of themes and feelings. The inspiration is a music without frontiers…with a more high risk level, creativity, improvisation with a continous warning to the confrontation/contrast between the sounds…a courageous cd, and appreciable for the freedom of expression and for the absence of musical frontiers”
Neri Pollastri,

"Exceptional is the Mahanada CDs (Uno) that contains transverse music where jazz mix with the charm and seduction of the Mediterranean traditions, suggestions belonging to the Indian music world, the use of intelligent 'electronic.
The musicians enrich and complement each other in becoming music and nobody imposes on others in a team where everyone offers its essential contribution to the needs serving the group without losing their stylistic identity "
Giuseppe Alfredo Restuccia,

“Since the first track the listener's soul is prepared for a mystical contemplation. Strongly representative is the “Frammenti Cosmici”, a suite of over twenty minutes of improvisation… A spiritual path between Africa and India that finishes with the second version of Angel's son. To carry us in the Egyptian land will be the final tune Desert's wind, recorded live at the beginning of Mahanada. "
Angelo Abbonante,

"The interesting project hidden behind the name of MAHANADA is carried on by four musicians who have played together for a short time, but they have got very clear ideas especially about the meaning of their music.
Cleverly mixing instruments of Italian tradition with so called European instruments and parsimonionsly using synthesizers and electronic instruments, the group takes us by the hand in the initial piece "ImPromenade" and takes us to see the "sound places".

JAZZIT Italian Jazz Magazine.


    Copyright © Luciano Troja