Release date October 25th, 2018

Blaise Siwula: clarinet, alto sax
Rocco John Iacovone: soprano aax, alto Sax
Giancarlo Mazzù: electric guitar, voice, drums
Luciano Troja: piano

Music by Blaise Siwula, Rocco John Iacovone, Giancarlo Mazzù, Luciano Troja

Release date October 30, 2018

Produced by Luciano Troja, Giancarlo Mazzù, Luca Rinaudo

Recorded live-in-studio on May 5, 2017
by Luca Rinaudo and Danilo Romancino at Zeit Studio (Palermo, Italy)
Mixed and mastered by Luca Rinaudo at Zeit Studio (Palermo, Italy)
Art direction and graphic design: Antonio Cusimano | 3112htm
Original painting on inlay: Denise Fusco Iacovone
Product manager: Gianluca Cangemi

This album is dedicated to Manlio Nicosia

In concert at the legendary
Maybeck Studio, in Berkeley, CA


Luciano Troja
«At Home with Zindars»

Maybeck Studio, Berkeley, CA
Saturday, April 28 – 3:00pm ~

Luciano Troja, piano
Helene Zindarsian, special guest vocalist


An intimate and creative solo piano journey into the world of Earl Zindars, who was a San Francisco-based composer, percussionist and teacher, and who enjoyed a close friendship and long musical association with the legendary Bill Evans.

For Lucianos Bay Area debut, he will be playing a selection of songs from his critically acclaimed album “At Home With Zindars”, which is dedicated exclusively to the music of Earl Zindars. The album is ranked among Stereophile magazines “Records To Die For”.






Release date: 2017
ACK Records



ACK Records
Recorded on October 30 2009
At Sonoria Studios, Scordia (CT)
Sound engineer: Vincenzo Cavalli
Graphic project: Walter Silvestrini – PixaelXpixeL.it

Giancarlo Mazzù guitar
Luciano Troja piano
Francesco Branciamore drums




“Rags to Ragas” 

Release date: December 24th, 2016



© siwula troja
recorded May 2and 2016
at wombat studios brooklyn, ny
eng.ross bonadonna
mixing mastering blaise siwula
artwork: blaise siwula

Blaise Siwula, clarinet/alto sax
Luciano Troja, piano
nofrillsmusic nfm 012

Released December 24th, 2016






“An Italian Tale”

Release date: October 25th, 2016
Almendra Music



All compositions by Luciano Troja

Cicero, bassoon
Luciano Troja, piano

released October 25, 2016

Produced by Gianluca Cangemi & Luca Rinaudo
Co-executive producer: Danilo Romancino

Recorded live-in-studio on March 29, 2016 (tracks 1-9) and November 12, 2015 (track 10) at Zeit Studio, Palermo [Italy] by Gianluca Cangemi & Luca Rinaudo.

Mixed and mastered by Luca Rinaudo at Zeit Studio, Palermo [Italy]

Art direction and design by Antonio Cusimano | 3112htm.com
2016 Almendra Music | almendramusic.com | facebook.com/AlmendraMusic





“Tasting Beauty”

Release date: April 27th, 2015
Slam Productions - UK


Luciano Troja piano - Giancarlo Mazzù guitar

All compositions by Giancarlo Mazzù & Luciano Troja
Recorded at Wombat Studios, in Brooklyn (NY)
Recording engineer: Ross Bonadonna
Mixing and mastering: Alessandro Luvarà – Spain Audio Studios Molochio, (RC), Italy



Beneath the Ritual (Siwula/Troja/Murchison)

February 23th, 2015 NoFrillsMusic.com

Blaise Siwula alto/tenor sax & clarinet
Luciano Troja piano
John Murchison bass



NoFrillsMusic (2015)

Cover photo: Cristina Prudente
Sound engineer: Ross Bonadonna

Recorded April 26th, 2014 at Wombat Studio, Brooklyn NY





Sometimes The Journey Is A Vision
March 2014, NoFrillsMusic (USA)

Blaise Siwula alto/tenor sax & clarinet
Giancarlo Mazzù guitar/drums/vocals
Luciano Troja piano


Recorded April 25th, 2013 at Wombat Studios in Brooklyn, NY
Sound engineer: Ross Bonadonna


Available on::



Giancarlo Mazzù & LucianoTroja
Live at the Metropolitan Room NYC”
Nominated in "Best Live Performance Album Category"at
The 13º Independent Music Awards!!!


In addition to industry-determined Winners, music fans from around the world have until
Friday, July 18, 2014 to cast their votes at The IMA Vox Pop Jukebox to determine the
fan-selected program winners.

Please VOTE FOR GIANCARLO MAZZU' & LUCIANO TROJA HERE as a Fan-selected Program Winner!

The Independent Music Award Winners will be promoted to nearly 1 billion music fans worldwide.
Details and complete list of Nominees and Judges available at TheIndipendentMusicAwards.com





Live At The Metropolitan Room NYC
Slam Productions - UK, 2013





D'Istante3 (Mazzù/Siwula/Troja): NYC & Massachussets Tour


Special event at the Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò NYU, Monday, April 29th 2013
"Jazz and American Song: an Italian Affair"
Luciano Troja in "At Home With Zindars"
Luciano Troja & Giancarlo Mazzù, special guest Blaise Siwula
CD pre-release "Live at the Metropolitan Room NYC" (Slam, 2013)



October 2012



1. Istante 1 (11:38)
2. Istante 2 (9:20)
3. Istante 3 (4:04)
4. Istante 4 (9:25)
5. Istante 5 (7:03)
6. Istante 6 (11:52)
7. Istante 7 (8:37)

Slam Productions - UK, 2012

Giancarlo Mazzù, guitar, drums
Blaise Siwula, alto & tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, clarinet
Luciano Troja, piano

All compositions by Giancarlo Mazzù, Blaise Siwula and Luciano Troja.

Recorded on April 25, 2011 at Wombat Studios in Brooklyn, NY

Sound engineer: Russ Bonadonna.
Mixed and mastered by Blaise Siwula.

Produced by Giancarlo Mazzu', Blaise Siwula and Luciano Troja




Luciano Troja's "At Home With Zindars": video by Valerio Vella

At home with Zindars from valerio vella - limmaginecolta on Vimeo.

  You can see this video on youtube. Click here
  Luciano Troja's "At Home With Zindars" recent awards!

At Home With Zindars

Stereophile’s Record To Die For 2011”
Stereophile Magazine USA

At Home With Zindars

10° Independent Music Awards”   USA 
Nomination for “Best Tribute Album”
At Home With Zindars
“Critic’s Choice: Top 10 Albums 2010”
Cadence Jazz Magazine USA
10 New Best Songs of 2010”
Earl and Bill” by Luciano Troja from “At Home With Zindars”
Ken Franckling’s Jazz Notes USA
At Home With Zindars
  1. Mother Of Earl (Earl Zindars)
2. Nice Place (Earl Zindars)
3. Silverado Trail (Earl Zindars)
4. Four Times ‘Round (Earl Zindars )
5. Z Waltz (Earl Zindars)
6. Sareen Jurer - Part 1 (Earl Zindars)
7. Sareen Jurer - Part 2 (Earl Zindars)
8. Lullaby For Helene (Earl Zindars)
9. Karen’s Mode (Earl Zindars)
10. My Love Is An April Song (Earl Zindars)
11. ThreeTimes ‘Round (Earl Zindars)
12. Earl And Bill (Luciano Troja)
13. I Always Think Of You (Earl Zindars)
14. Joy (Earl Zindars)
15. How My Heart Sings (Anne & Earl Zindars)
16. Roses For Annig (Earl Zindars)
© Luciano Troja (2010)

Luciano Troja, piano

CD & 40-Page Book

“An intimate portrait of the music of Earl Zindars, and of his own.
I say, Bravissimo! to this fine young musician. Listen well, and take this refreshing musical journey with Luciano"
Anne Zindars

A unique, personal piano solo journey inside the special world of Earl Zindars, prominent and prolific jazz and classical composer (Chicago 1927- San Francisco 2005)

.Fourteen great compositions from the Earl Zindars songbook, some of them never released before, freely adapted by Luciano Troja..

with a 40-page book, rare photos, first-hand testimonies, about the life of Earl Zindars and his songs, the fundamental role of the family for his inspiration, and about his role in the artistic evolution of Bill Evans.
In fact, Earl Zindars is well-known principally for the close friendship and musical empathy with the legendary jazz pianist Bill Evans, who loved, played and recorded his compositions along his entire musical career.

Five years long to complete the work: through New York City, where the CD has been recorded, and San Francisco where Luciano met the Zindars family. Anne, the composer's wife, singer,  composer and co-author of many songs, like “How My Heart Sings”. The daughters: Helene, a renowned soprano, and Karen, who had an important run as a classical dancer. They have been very helpful and loving with Luciano to deepen the personality of Earl Zindars. 

The CD contains also “Roses For Annig” the final piece of Earl Zindars,  composed less than a month before he passed away, dedicated to Anne, his beloved wife for 43 years.

All compositions by Earl Zindars
except “How My Heart Sings” written by Anne & Earl Zindars
and “Earl And Bill” written by Luciano Troja
ęZindars Publishing Company
All Rights Reserved

Recorded in New York City,
Uptime Studios,
in April 18, 2006, April, 11, 2007
April 28-29, 2008,April 18, 2009

Sound Engineer: M.P.Kuo
Mixed and Mastering: M.P. Kuo and Francesco Paolo Maimone
Design: Francesco Mento, Alessandra Ciraolo, and Cristina Fatato
English texts: Nicholas Frangella and Antonella Santoro
Photos: Luciano Troja and Valentina Prudente
Bill Evans Portrait: Luigi Scarcella
Production Assistant: Monica Mazza
Project by Luciano Troja
Produced by Luciano Troja and Valentina Prudente

Available at cdbaby.com


  Luciano Troja/Giancarlo Mazzu' New CD!!!
  Seven Tales About Standards Vol. 2
  1 Bye Bye Blackbird 3:14
2 Cheek To Cheek 3:48
3 Softly As A In Morning Sunrise 4:00
4 East Of The Sun (And West Of The Moon) 3:34
5 Autumn Leaves (Les Feuilles Mortes) 4:19
6 Everything Happens To Me 4:44
7 Bye Bye BlackBird (alternate take) 5:23
8 All The Things You Are 6:16
9 Cheek To Cheek (alternate take) 3:04
10 Softly As A Morning Sunrise (alternate take) 5:1
  CDH 1544.2
Splasc(H) Records (2009)

Luciano Troja
, piano; Giancarlo Mazzù, nylon string guitar
Recorded on October, 2, 2008
at Sonoria Studio Rec , Scordia (CT).
Sound engineer: Vincenzo Cavalli.
Mixed:.by Alessandro Luvarà at Spain Audio Studio, Molochio (RC
Peppo Spagnoli, “Chair” cm.70x100, 1969
Photos: foto di Francesco Mento (Luciano Troja) e Roberto Pace (Giancarlo Mazzù)..
Graphic design: Luigi Naro
Liner notes: Giancarlo Mazzù & Luciano Troja
English texts: Pete Kercher
Produced by Peppo Spagnoli for Splasc(H) Records, a division of Senz’H Soc. Coop., Arcisate (VA)
  Luciano Troja/Giancarlo Mazzu' New CD!!!
  April 2009
New CD and U.S. Concerts!!
  Seven Tales About Standards Vol. 2
(Splasc(H) Records, April 2009)

  1 Something Specific And Perfect For My City 3:58
2 The Aboriginal Name 2:29
3 A Word, Liquid, Sane, Unruly 4:12
4 Musical, Self-Sufficient 6:34
5 The Word Of My City 6:10
6 The Down-Town Streets 3:49
7 Immigrants Arriving 4:35
8 Vehicles 2:52
9 Broadway 4:08
10 The Women, the Shops and Shows 3:29
11 A Million People 6:18
12 City Of Hurried And Sparkling Waters 4:29
13 City Of Spires And Masts 3:28
14 City Nested In Bays 4:05
15 My City! 5:19

CDH 2518.2
Splasc(H) Records (2008)

GIANCARLO MAZZÙ prepared guitar, voices
CARMELO COGLITORE soprano sax, bass clarinet, drums
CARLO NICITA alto flute

Recorded on 17 April, 2006
at Uptime Studios, New York City

Sound engineer: M.P. Kuo
Mixed: M.P.Kuo and Carlo Nicita

Cover: “NYC Subway” Miriam West, 1999.
Assemblage, cm. 21X55
Photos: Francesco Mento, Andrew P. White

Mannahatta is the native name of Manhattan.
This CD is the result in sound of a New York experience.
In April 2006, we played seven concerts in eight days in some of the avant-garde locales in Downtown Manhattan.
Even though the concerts were based on composed and improvised material, each one generated new forms, developing possible new sounds.
After just a couple of those performances, we felt we were interacting with the Energy of the metropolis.
It was as though the Energy was welling up from the ground the city stands on to pervade our music more with each playing.
After the last concert, we decided to record a suite of 15 movements, right there in a studio in Manhattan.
Casting off all labels, we tried to find a straightforward, primitive way of tackling how we were seeing and feeling
New York and its and our music.





    Copyright © Luciano Troja